Key Features

🐜 Bug Slicer - Slice all the Bugs 🐜 
 🐍 we also have snakes 🐍
FREE and highly addictive, Great Graphics!

Slice or Smash all the bugs.

🐜 over 10 different types of ants and bugs. Cockroaches. 
🐍 We got Snakes.
🐝 Lots of bees trying to catch the bugs before you do. So careful! You hit the 🐝 and it's Game over!

The game gets harder and the bugs get crazier as you go. Dare you to survive  400 score ;) 

Spin the lucky wheel every hour for a chance to win up to 25 lives.

Or Purchase for $.99 three spins.

Remove ads for $.99 

Share your score on Facebook,  show your friends who's bug slicer boss!

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Slice the Bugs 🐜 🐍 
Hit the bees 🐝 it's game over.
Spin wheel to win lives.

High Graphics!

Highly Addictive.



Bug Slicer 


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